DarkClan, home of the Proud and Stealthy. DarkClan share land with the other 4 Clans, StormClan, OakClan, SunClan, and LakeClan. They are based off of the clan, ShadowClan, from the original warriors series. They are Sneaky, Daring, and great in the dark dephs of Night. They dont care if they get thier paws dirty and they love to make other Clans angry by Boasting.


Leader: Edit

  • Stonestar- A hefty gray tom with long fangs that show out of his mouth and Amber eyes. (Crystal's Cat)


  • Flamespark- a Ginger and white tom with amber eyes.

Medicine cat:Edit

  • Firewhisper- a ginger tabby she-cat with dark green eyes. Roleplayer: Ember

Medicine cat apprentice:Edit

  • Darkfur - Fluffy black she-cat with unusually dark blue eyes (Crystal)


  • Morningsun- a small Tortieshell she-cat with striking blue eyes.
  • Treepelt- a large brown tom with yellow eyes.
  • Shadowclaw- a large, muscular black tom with amber eyes. Roleplayer: Ember
  • Needed


  • Dawnpaw - Gold tabby she-cat withh huge, shimmering, crystal blue eyes. Roleplayer: Moss

Queens and kits:Edit

  • needed


  • Needed

DarkClan RoleplayEdit


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